Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lazy kittens, playful kittens, sleepy kittens...

Still catching up, so here's some more random pics! :)

I have the foodbowls on a towel, because they tend to make a mess, and that helps keeping the mess on 1 spot. But they felt that a towel works fine too for sleeping √°fter the food! And Lancy? He's still eating... or is he? :O

Sleeping in the foodbowl! Gotta love kittens :D

Arthur and that blur in the front is Perce :)

Here's a sight I'll miss for sure, kittens on the couch ♥ Perc left, Artsy at the top, Tris right.

These kinda toys (rod with a string and a toy at the end) were a bit scary at first and near impossible for them to follow, but now they enjoy them :) Arthur left, Tris middle

Both slapping at the ball, Lance makes sure Tristram won't get up, haha!

They discovered the heaters the other day. Lancy somehow got rolled in a curtain (I had them up to prevent them from getting stuck in between kitten fights) and Tristram decided to jump on top :D At some point I had all 4 in a row on the heater, so cute!

Perceval going for Arthur's tail

Arthur alone

Arthur on me

Tristram was tired and wanted to stretch a bit, then he slid down my arm and oh why not, continued snoozing like that ^_^

I moved my arm, those backlegs! :L

Tristram still drinks from a bottle in his sleep at times, awww. But this time he actually ended up upside down with his tongue sticking out!

Arthur playing with Dewey's tail

I think he wasn't sure about Dew sniffing his butt :O

Washtime or playtime?

Dewdew's grip on Arthur makes sure that at least he gets to do what he wants, washing :O

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