Friday, November 23, 2012

Salla discovered the playrails

It's been a week since my last post, things were a bit hectic so not much time and energy for an update, but here goes :)

The basket that's hanging on the heater in that room is loved by all kittens and Salla's no exception :)

Nose to nose with Dew before he gives her a wash, too cute <3 Dewey's sitting on their favorite box with holes here.

And her latest love, the Catit playrails! She plays SO much with them since she discovered them! The sound almost drives me nuts at times, haha. She has one in her room now but in the evening I'll take it away, she's so enthousiastic with slapping those balls, I'm sure the sound would keep me awake :O

Salla is doing fine as you can see, she's online now on several sites and can be adopted. She's adorable when she's cuddly, she's playful and she still adores Dew! There's only one thing that doesn't go so well, and that's how she is to me :/ It's like she loooves me in her room, but outside of it and especially downstairs, I'm not interesting at all and even a bit scary. It looked like she was improving but that kinda stopped (unless I have food, her bellysize is more normal now with all the playing, but she still loves to eat! ^_^). She's also so crazy about my cats and they do give the good example towards me but she just doesn't care, haha. They give her all she needs it seems! So right now she's locked up in her room and I give her lots of tlc and attention there without having distracting cats around, and then I'll take it step by step again. It just takes a different approach but she'll get there I'm sure :)

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