Monday, November 5, 2012

More baskets

The kittens are online now on various websites, I hope they'll find an owner fast just like Tara and Amin did and can adjust further at their new home! I also hope that because the longer they stay here, the more I'll miss them when they leave :( Especially when I look back at the first photos of Yse and how she is now, both mentally as physically. Such a little creature, so small, scared and yet so brave, seeing her improve like she did just makes her extra special <3 But oh well, it's part of fostering to say goodbye, and untill they're gone I'll just post an update every now and then :)

Naeva joined Dew in a basket and got washed straight away

But she wasn't in the mood for that, she wanted to play! :e

Here they're both doing what they prefer, Dewey's washing Naeva while she's chewing on his head :)

The purple baskets are still being used a lot

Look at her pose! :D

Ysera still adores Dew

And I laughed so much about this! Unfortunately it's a blurry pic, but I gave them this feathery toy. Then all of a sudden I hear some soft growling and hissing, turns out it's Yse growling at that toy in her mouth! She loves it, but on the side is something that moves and makes a soft noise (the featherthing used to be attached to a playrod) and that thing was a threat for her prey :O So she kept walking around with that toy in her mouth, and Naeva following her to see what was going on didn't help either! :)

I originally posted this on a forum on Tuesday, August 14. Roughly translated and posted here afterwards.

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