Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sleeping in my neck

As I was going through a lot of photos on my pc, Amientje jumped from the couch onto my chair. At first he was sniffing my hair but then it showed well how tired he became after this morning (yes, chasing a Swiffer kinda thing is pretty draining! And it was for me as well, with 4 of those little ones chasing it :))

*sniff sniff*


And from the other side

Changing positions every now and then

And he really didn't wanna go, if I bent forward he just went to lie prrr-ing on my back, if I then sat up straight again he was back in my neck ♥

Tomorrow Tara and Amin will get their shots and then they're ready for adoption next week, their stay went fast! They're all doing great now :) Dewey's also more relaxed now and going outside even though the kittens are downstairs instead of constantly focussing on them. But he doesn't understand the catdoor yet, so several times a day I hear him poking that door and I have to go open it for him :P Bindi's doing very well, an occasional hiss here and there if the kittens are too close and Sue growls a little and slaps when they get too close, but the kittens know that as well. And they all slept close to B&S on the couch as well :)
They're walking through the entire house most time of the day now, which goes fine, Taartje is still improving (although getting picked up just isn't her thing) and they all climb on me for cuddles throughout the house now as well. Ysera sneaks up on me at times when I go upstairs, and if I then pet her she puts her back up to push back against my hand, where at first she went almost flat on the ground and would've disappeared in the floor if she could. That's só nice to see! And Naeva just stays a little bundle of joy, little stalkers <3

I originally posted this on a forum on Sunday, July 22. Roughly translated and posted here afterwards.

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