Sunday, December 2, 2012

Slacking & playing

Last time I wrote that Salla wasn't so interested in me, but I guess she read that as well, because she turned around a lot, yay! Now she's cuddly throughout the house, so cute ^_^ Dewey is still often more interesting, but she's doing great now and I think she'll only improve further! Ahh, it's so nice and rewarding to see :) I haven't been able to post as much about her as I'd like, but here's a bunch of pics at least!

Cuddly on the couch

I dunno about you, but I ♥ cat paws, so cute and soft and fuzzy!

If there's something she loves now it's cat milk, which I use to help her improve as well. I often give her just a teeny tiny bit, but here she got a bit more to share with Bindi :)

The other day she was incredibly cuddly all day long. She was on my lap a lot as well, here she joined me behind the pc. Needless to say, my screen got little attention from me! :L

My monitor became fun as well, bug on the screen! Yep, that's another foster kitty that loves WoW :P

Slacky on a beany bag

When I took some photos for my other blog, she disovered my background (a spaghetti top) and ohh she just couldn't resist!

The playrails are still fun, not as fun as when she just discovered them, but they are nice to lie against as well

Planning an attack on Dewdew :)

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  1. Ugh, she is soooooooo cute. I seriously can't handle it!!!! I would cuddle her forever <3