Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New kitten!

Yesterday I picked up a new kitten in our local shelter, this little girl was found walking next to a road and they estimated that she's 11 weeks old now. Tomorrow she'll get her shots and microchip already, and then she can go up for adoption on the 15th of this month already. Until then possible owners have a chance to come pick her up and else we'll find her a new home :)
I haven't named this little girl yet, I got some nice suggestions already but I often take a couple of days to know what suits a kitten. More names are always welcome too! If I don't use a name but do like it I add it to my list with names for future kitties :) Most photos are a bit blurry, I made them with my camera and my phone and I didn't want to flash in her face on her first day already.

Here she was in her cage in the quarantaine building of the shelter, first thought, it's a mini Bindi!

And in the travelling cage home, she quickly let us know she has quite a voice!

What to say really, haha, look at those eyes! She seems to look like this quite often :)

And she loves to cuddle :)

MEOW yep she's good at that! ^_^

And throwing herself at me is nice too :L

Tiny head, chubby belly! She's dewormed already but that belly is big compared to the rest of her, haha. She reminds me of Sue as a kitten, tiny head, big eyes, massive belly, but then in a Bindi costume :)

She has met Dew already, he started sniffing her straight away and cuddly as she is, she threw herself at him as well while purring. But at some point he wanted to show her that he's boss, then she slapped him in the face, lol! >.< So he's not too happy with that part of her, but she got a lick here and there already and I hope she'll adjust to him being dominant. She also met the other 2 at a distance, those weren't as pleased but she responded with a big tail, her back up and some growling. Yep, seems this little muppet has quite an attitude! :) Dew's a bit careful when sniffing her when she's higher as you can see here as well, he squeezes with his eyes in case she slaps.

That the door is open in her room didn't matter, that Dew was walking around didn't matter, food, toys, nothing mattered. All that mattered was getting cuddles, awww.

Later on it was the same thing, I walked in her room and she was lying on the bed, meowed at me and when I sat down she came on my lap for cuddles.

The way she holds her face at times (especially with an angled photo like here) combined with those big eyes  makes me think of one of those seagulls in Finding Nemo, mine! :O

When I went to watch some telly in my bed I brought her with me, normally I wouldn't do that so fast but she's so cuddly so I gave it a go. It was a bit scary at first but when I patted her she didn't care about being in a new room anymore, prrr. The tv was interesting though!

Right now she's in her room, I'll go check on her in a bit. I took her down earlier and my desk was interesting, but the rest was a bit scary and I don't want to overwhelm her of course, trying to go at a pace that works for her :kitten


  1. Awwww such a cutie - have you decided on a name (on IG Essie was the popular choice?) Love those big button eyes

  2. Yeah Essie was popular and I considered it as well because it can be a nice name I think. But it feels slightly hard for her cuddly nature if that makes sense, and more important, it feels a bit odd to name her after a brand that tests on animals. So I'm not sure yet, got some nice suggestions though! :)

  3. she's the cutest little kitten!!! this made my day! ☺