Friday, November 16, 2012

More cat grass

Remember the previous time that I gave kittens cat grass? Well, luckily Salla is a lot better with it and just chewed a little without destroying the plant ^_^

Sitting on the couch near my girls became a lot more popular in the last couple of days as well, here she was looking at my screen (which was also pretty interesting to see from up close!)

And here she is with Bindi and Sue. If they'd let her she'd be all over them, but she knows that those 2 need a bit of space in between. They also know she respects them, Sue is very relaxed as you can see, which usually is the one that tolerates kittens the least. As long as Salla ignores their tails (which isn't always easy for a kitten) they even go nose to nose sniffing at times :L
You can also see well here that she's quite alike Bindi, even in shape already, haha. My sweet Bindi became a bit chubby after getting a special diet food, and I think Salla might grow up to be, err... big boned as well ^_^

One of the biggest differences between those 2 is shown here by Salla, she has a partially black leg :)

Dewey stays a fun play/cuddle/pillow kinda thing, although I think he wasn't too fond of her position here :O

Pretty blue/green eyes :)

I'll write up a text for the websites this weekend so she can go online and get adopted! Hopefully she'll find new owners soon, so she can adjust more at her new home :)

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  1. Theres a special grass for cats who is sell for vets. My kitty atack the flowers of my window! Kisses from Barcelona (Spain).