Monday, November 5, 2012

More photos (including an update from Tara and Amin!)

Everything is going fine here, the kittens aren't bothered too much with the warmth, although Naeva was panting yesterday. But hey, that's what happens when you're going nuts playing in the sun! She does have a lumb on her nose since yesterday, I get the impression it's not an abscess but a lumb from bumping into something. Don't ask me how though, but she's a little hand full, so it wouldn't surprise me anyway, haha. I'll just keep a close eye on her for now, if she can heal it herself that would be best of course :)
Unfortunately I haven't heard any from possible new owners, and in a couple of weeks I can't take care of them anymore (holiday etc.), so they'd have to go back to the shelter if they don't have an owner by then. I'd be só bummered if that would happen :( So I keep my fingers crossed that they'll find an owner soon!

Anyway, photos! Ysera steals the show here, Naeva is making it hard for me at the moment to capture her well. She's moving way too much and likes to sleep in dark spots.

Ysera copied Sue's slacking on top of the couch

Naeva tried it as well, but something went wrong :O

But ah well, playing like this is fun too!

Yse still likes (the remains of) her feathertoy

But other toys are fine too! She often plays with her tail blown up, and sometimes she runs around with that big tail and has it round and angled down (a bit like she has here), she looks like a My Little Pony then :)

Slacky on a scratching pole

They still love the baskets as well

And they also enjoy throwing them around and sitting under them!

And here are some bonusphotos! I got an email from the new owners of Appa (Amin) and Momo (Tara), look how much they've grown! Appa is becoming a big male and Momo a slim female with long legs. They're doing great and found an awesome home based on what I read :) They fixed their balcony so the cats can't get off, and that's their favorite spot now. That doesn't surprise me at all, those 2 always wanted to go outside here so it's great that they have the opportunity now! I love the last photo, look at them being an adorable couple <3

I originally posted this on a forum on Monday, August 20. Roughly translated and posted here afterwards.

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