Sunday, November 4, 2012

And then there were 2!

Oh wow, what a difference that makes, I'm surprised by how much calmer the energy in the house is now that T&A have moved. Yse and Naeva can go nuts together as well, but it's of course a lot different with just 2, especially with Yse being naturally very calm. So yeah, yesterday Tara and Amin got picked up by their new owners, they didn't want to go in their travelling cage (and ofc the other 2 went in voluntarily :P) but I'm sure they'll be just fine. And for me it was a huge difference in the way they left as well, leaving them in the shelter and not knowing how they'll end up was very hard for me, and now that went a lot different :)

My cats also understand that there are 2 less now and this morning I opened the kittenroom and went back to bed, which wouldn't have been a good idea before yesterday :O But this morning Sue came on my lap in bed while the little ones were walking around as well :) Dewey was confuzed from the start, but last few days he got pretty dominant to T&A in a not so fun way (he's a lot better with Y&N). But T&A didn't really care about him, and at other times he was that fun plaything again, which didn't help of course! But Tuesday I found him like this:

And here you can see how much impression Dew made >.< It's probably not so obvious here, but he kept getting bites in his body and nails slapped at his face. He kept his head away and walked away in the end. Now that he could've corrected, but no, he lets it happen then walks away and gets frustrated later on, my poor Dewdew.

And here's another pic of Yse, oh how she loves to prr and she does it so well <3

So this morning I was in bed when they were walking around and I called Iiiiiiiiiiiise, then I heard a little engine start far away and move towards me, omg so adorable! She's also the only one that listens a little bit! Naeva is doing fine, enjoys sleeping below my screen now. The other day she got way too calm and quiet all of a sudden, but with some cuddles and extra food she got all well again. And now they're running and playing together :)

I originally posted this on a forum on Thursday, August 2. Roughly translated and posted here afterwards.

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