Sunday, November 4, 2012

New owners!

Amin and Tara have new owners! :e And they're staying together :) Tara didn't really let them touch her, but with some nice food and toys she quickly showed herself. So these people also have a good idea of what to expect of her, and when she gets used to them cuddling and petting will be ok too I'm sure :) Amientje was too busy playing to show his cuddly side, but oh well, seeing that little one dragging with 2 toy rods at once does the trick as well :D

Tara also showed them she likes to lie under the couch

And I told them she enjoys hanging on the couch as well

I also told them she likes heights and enjoys climbing :)

Here are the 2 adorable kitties together on my lap

And when Amientje is reaaaaally tired, you can just place him somewhere and he'll fall asleep in that position! :O

Computers and everything around it is pretty interesting as well, although Naeva is the one who still enjoys it the most. She was all ready again this morning to slap my cursor (see my previous post for a pic)

Here's the team together :)

She can look so pretty!

Sweet cuddlycat

My receipt went missing...

Paws! Paws everywhere! <3

Tara and Amin will be picked up Wednesday evening, I'll have to go through all pics and burn a disc for them. Naeva really does have an infected eye now, so I have even more meds in my house now! She also sneezes a little, so I hope that doesn't get worse and it'll be just her eye. And of course the little miss does not want ointment in her eye! Yse's doing fine, I'm curious to see how those 2 will be without T&A around.

I originally posted this on a forum on Monday, July 30. Roughly translated and posted here afterwards.

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