Saturday, November 3, 2012

Little red and big red

When Dew went to the kittens he got stalked straight away, Tara also found a new way to sniff him

Big & small

That tail stays fun!

Yse is having a look at what Dew's doing (holding the top of the bench and sniff like that, silly cat :))

Mini and mini are getting bigger as well ♥

Meerkat Ysera

Following Dewdew at first, but Tara's paws are a fun toy as well! And Dew seems unsure what to think of all the kitten scents :O

A duvet with paws? Those must be attacked of course! ^_^

Amientje doesn't want to share his toy!

Adorable face :)

Ysera is doing better and better, it helps a lot that I don't have to bug her with meds all the time. In their room she comes to sit near or on me more often, and outside of that room she isn't as fast with running away anymore. And earlier she wanted to join in with a game on my phone, she pushed my fingers away with those soft little paws, awww too cute! And then she slapped the screen, but unfortunately for her my phone doesn't recognize catpaws :)

The others are doing fine too! Amientje does know how to use his nails and teeth well unfortunately, but luckily he can be adorable too (and I can be stubborn at not allowing things :P). I suspected Naeva has ear mites and she indeed does have that and she's not too happy with the meds. But oh well, give her a cuddle afterwards and all is quickly forgotten! She needs earcleaner every day and medication once a week for a couple of weeks, the others only get the weekly meds, just in case. Tara loves to cuddle even more now, but only when she's in the mood for it, so nothing new there. Dew does really like the kittens in their room now and seems to understand better now that Naeva is a small cat instead of a walking meal and he even washed her a bit yesterday! :L He also spend some time in a box with them, which was great entertainment to slap for the kittens :D

I do have some less fun news as well *scratches* the kittens are of course deflead in the shelter. I thought I saw some fleapoo here and there in Ysera's fur, but checked them with a comb for it and couldn't find any. Last night they were all running around and they were allowed in the bedroom as well, where I found Yse between my pillows later. She stayed there calmly and I got to pet her, prrprr ♥ Amientje joined as well and got some cuddles too, and what do I see in his fur... exactly, a flea, eewww! :/ So this morning they got deflead again and they're being unhappy locked up in their room now, while I have to clean, wash and spray the entire house. Fortunately I've only seen just a few adult fleas so far now, so hopefully there's not too much of the other life stages around, but of course I'm pretty bummered about the whole thing. I checked my cats as well and they seem to be clean (yay for white fur!), but they'll of course get treated again as well. And needless to say, I've been ithcing like mad ever since I saw that nasty thing >.<

I originally posted this on a forum on Wednesday, July 18. Roughly translated and posted here afterwards.

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