Monday, November 5, 2012

Final post Ysera & Naeva

I get visitors tomorrow that are interested in both Naeva and Ysera! :e


Yaaay, they have new owners! I have a good feeling with this couple as well, and I think Naeva and Yse too, and they'll be moving Monday!

As I said before, Ysera's name comes from WoW, simply put, Ysera is a dragon that's really in her own world, which I thought of Yse as well at the start (not that she's a dragon, haha, how cool would that have been!). And there are other things from her description that I found matched this kitten. But by now she's a lot more brave and even felt comfortable enough to put on her little engine a bit when her new owners visited, she doesn't always do that around visitors either! For me she'll always be Ysera, but it's really so nice that she doesn't match the description anymore <3 and Naeva, ahhh :L I'm gonna miss these 2 quite a bit I'm afraid :(
I'm sure it'll be weird at first again as well, an empty house, but there won't be any new kittens for a while. I'm going on a holiday first, so it's not a good idea to get new kittens now, and after that I won't have time until somewhere in October. If it's still needed then, my doors will be open for kittens again! But of course I do hope it won't be needed anymore by then, and that it'll be next year again. I am gonna hang a picture of each forster kitten in the room where I have the kittens at first, I think it'll be nice to give them all a place in my house like that :)


Right, so the kittens just got picked up, and even though I'll miss them, it's ok like this :) Yesterday they both laid down on my lap (something that Yse did more often last couple of days) and I cuddled them loads, it was very nice to say goodbye like that. I did my job and they're not my cats, although these 2 were also very special to me again :)
In the next couple of days I'm gonna enjoy the calmness and having the outside door open again (I don't allow guest kittens outside, it's up to their new owners to decide if they're allowed out and my garden only has fences at the top, not at the bottom where a kitten could escape). I'm gonna clean their room completely and get it ready for a next time, even though that will be in 1.5/2 months at the earliest. And I still didn't go through a bunch of photos, I made some today as well, so I'll do a final update here sometime!


A bit late, but here are the last photos!

Dewdew cleaned the kittens before they left

I got a package, the box was on the ground for like 1 second and Naeva was inside it already :)

She also helped me clean the house, every now and then she held on to that things and swiped along :D

Together with Bindi, who in the end tolerated them pretty close as well :)

And these 3 played together for a last time :)

My cats were happy that they left, although it didn't make much sense to Dewey at first. But oh well, he recovered quickly. Bindi kept chatting loads to me in the first couple of days and was so happy that the door to the storage area (and with that, the door outside which is in that little area) was open constantly, she lied next to the open door a lot at first :P For them this whole fostering thing isn't needed of course, which is also why I don't want to have kittens all the time during kitten season, but every now and then a period with some kittens works fine :)

I originally posted this on a forum on Friday, August 24, Saturday, August 25, Monday, August 27 and Friday, September 7. Roughly translated and posted here afterwards.

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