Friday, November 9, 2012

New kitten has a name

I've decided to call her Salla, it's the name of another nail polish blogger and I think it suits her :) Salla's doing good, she got her shots and chip now and still likes to cuddle and meow! But she also enjoys walking around more now, and then it shows she's still a bit scared at times. When I talk to her she does greet me with her tail up, and at times meows, but if I move my hands towards her she backs away. Getting picked up is a bit scary too, but if I have her on my lap my hands aren't scary at all because cuddles are gooood ^_^
Again, most photos are a bit blurry, I made them with my phone in less good light.

When I walk into her room she's often on the bed, snoozing a bit like she was here

Cute little face on my lap

Wednesday evening I had her on the bed with me and Dew joined as well. Then she went to him, prrrr, and he decided to wash her. He's gentle but he's clearly the one deciding what's gonna happen, lol!

They've played together (Dewey in a box with holes and Salla on the outside, both slapping through the holes is favorite) and Dew washing her goes fine too as you can see, but there are moments when it's still a bit too much for Dew. Then he gets a bit annoyed with that intruder and then I just separate them for a while. He's the one deciding when it's enough now, but I'm so proud of how he's doing so far! So far it goes a lot smoother this time, probably also because it's just 1 kitten and I guess he can't resist her being cuddly either, haha :)

Salla is a little kitten but with a big belly (I kid you not she looks pregnant at times, that's how bad it is, haha), and boy does she love to eat! Today I gave them some canned food to show I'm not scary downstairs but bring good stuff, as always Sue didn't want it, Bindi and Dew ate it as well. By the time they were done eating she was still going at it! She ate like she's been starved, but her belly clearly shows otherwise ^_^ Oh, and she likes to bury her food, scratches the floor around her food bowl (or plate in this case). And when she was done with the scratching? She went in for some more! Here you see Bindi and Salla :)

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