Monday, November 5, 2012

Baskets and a bug

Yesterday I got some nice news from the owners of Tara and Amin, including a photo where those 2 are cuddly on the couch together <3 Tara is still easily spooked a bit but sounds like she's becoming more herself already, little stubborn cutie with her own opinions :) Amientje is fine with everything so far. I wasn't sure what to expect from Tara after their move, but so far it's going pretty well and it sounds like a good match!

The little girls here are doing good, they do take a lot more time for everything now that the bigger two are gone. Dew adores Ysera all of a sudden and she often gets washed bu him now. After all the ups and downs with him and the kittens I squee a bit inside everytime I see that :) This morning when I opened their door they calmly got out of their basket, ate a bit and greeted Dew who then washed Yse, and the day started calmly instead of having 4 kittens jump the door when I got near it. And today during day they were often sleeping on my desk together, so yep it's going well!


The kittens are doing well, tomorrow we'll be going for their shots and chips, I'm curious to hear what the vet thinks of Yse's nose, eye and mouth! Her mouth is missing all the bottom/middle teeth now and her eye still has a spot of scartissue but it has improved a lot. Her eyes do seem to have a different color and the pupil still is a bit off in size. Ysera looks a little bit like a bat every now and then with her pointy face, big ears and missing piece of nose :$ :)

She's doing fine further, but yesterday Naeva got stuck with a nail in Yse's bad side of her nose >.< I wanted to help out but spooked Ysera and she pulled herself loose and then she kept sneezing to get all the blood out of her nose. A few minutes later I was still horrified but she was running around happy again (and you can't see anything on her nose anymore now). And Naeva? I don't think she even noticed something was up :P

Naeva is a little lady as well now, no little fuzzy ball of meow anymore but a real mini-cat, and oh what a delightful character she has! She's clearly a tortie but in a very fun way. My screen stays fun and she likes to lie with me, so either on me or on my desk. Dew at times washes her as well now, aaww!


Naeva still loves my desk and is often there (her eye is all fine again)

Next to my desk I have these purple baskets with random clutter and nail polish stuff, Naeva often went to lie on top of all that. Polish remover works fine as a pillow :)

And polish itself is also nice to sleep against :O

 Because Naeva loves those baskets so much and Yse often wants to join but just doesn't fit in anymore, I gave them an empty one on my desk.

It's a bit tricky at times to fold it all in place, but it fits!

Together on my desk

And Naeva got another basket because it makes for a nice toy as well :)

Boxes are fun too!

Sleeping in the window

I think it's quite clear which one of the 2 is boss :D

Although they can play nicely with each other's tails as well

I gave them dried matatabi leaves the other day and Yse went to check out what her big friend had

Naeva was too busy with other things to notice there were leaves on the ground...

Dewey is still quite dominant to Naeva at times, but he washes her as well

And when she had enough, his paws are big enough to easily hold her down :P

Ysera was really tired after my parents visited and my dad played loads with her, she fell asleep like this

She really likes those beanie bags!

And when it gets too warm in the sun she just moves a bit out of the sun and lies against the cool heater

Her little tongue often hangs out of her mouth :) (unfortunately she was sitting right in front of that lamp) I guess she does it more often than most cats because of her missing teeth

Ysera enjoys me playing WoW, bird on the screen!

Dewey came in today with something big that was moving and made noise, as usual Yse put on her engine and went purring to Dew to have a look at what he had. As you can see Dewey tolerates a lot from her, at times he's a bit bossy and sometimes he finds it all a bit tiring, but all in all he likes her a lot. And she totally adores him! :)

Dew was so sweet to give her his prey after a while (although it didn't taste so well, I guess it had something to do with that :P)

And after draggin it a bit, biting it here and there (while purring loud!) she also slapped it around a bit

Yesterday they got their shots and chips which went well for both of them. Ysera's eye is still healing so it's unsure how that'll go further. Because her pupil isn't working 100% (yet), she'll have a bit more issues with light/dark, but she's used to it as well. It's unsure if her teeth grow back, but it doesn't bother her. Besides that it's a happy and calm kitty ♥ Naeva is a lovely, stubborn and naughty kitten, also very creative in being naughty, but she can also be adorable when sleeping on my lap (and if I don't want that, that's my problem and not hers! ^_^). And shopping bags (empty or not) are awesome!

I originally posted this on a forum on Friday, August 3, Wednesday, August 8 and Friday, August 10.  Roughly translated and posted here afterwards.

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