Saturday, November 3, 2012

Little hairdressers

And some more photos! Some are less good quality but that's because I made them with less light/with my phone.

As you can see they're all pretty close in size now, only Naeva is a bit smaller. And Tara just has a very thick coat as well :)

Snoozing together, that basket attached to the heater stays favorite!

They also love boxes, and it looks like there's a few biters between them as well ^_^

After they've been walking around in the house for a while it's usually cuddle time, where they all pile up on me and mess up my hair severely cuddle me <3 Naeva is actually under there as well, she loves to lie in my neck. It's a bit hard at times to breathe when they go like this, but oh well :P

Brother and sister together :L

Tara and Yse are doing great outside their room now, Yse just trusts me more and I bribed Tara with toys! She does hold back a little bit at times and being picked up is still somewhat scary, but we're getting there :) And today I scored a lot of points with her! I had 3 little furballs in the hallway and Taartje was upstairs meowing. So I call for her and meow back, but no Tara, just meowing. So I went upstairs trying to locate where the sound was coming from and ended up looking in my laundry room, and there's a wet 2p bedset moving on a tiny pile on the ground! :o So I quickly started to search for the opining in that huge piece of cloth and lifted her out of it. I don't think she ever liked me as much as she did then <3 :O

Favorite toys are balls and those playing rods!

Most photos turned out like this, with a grey blur in the middle

Naeva finally got a chance to play as well

And sweet Ysera has a cuckoo kitty inside her! Look at that tail :O

I originally posted this on a forum on Sunday, July 22. Roughly translated and posted here afterwards.

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