Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cat grass!

I still didn't go through all the photos from the last couple of days, but I do have an update again. Tara and Amientje had their shots and microchips and will probably go online (on various websites) this weekend. The shots went fine, but poor Amin reacted pretty strong to the chip, I haven't seen a cat react that heavy on it before :( When we got home he was still a bit upset, he was very calm, but luckily that didn't take long and he's back to his old self again now :)

A couple of days ago the kittens threw a plant on the ground (and of course right after I cleaned everything), by the time I saw it they were all playing with pieces of earth and moss. And they had a blast! :e So when I saw cat grass for sale this morning, I thought it would be a nice idea to introduce them to it, and to learn them that the grass on the floor is for them... what was I thinking! :O

Tara was first to check it out, but she was mainly impressed that she was allowed to be so close to Sue (if there's something that Suetje loves, it's catgrass!)

Ysera joined quickly after that and copied the big cats. She wasn't really eating it but just biting it :)

Sue also taught them to always look charming when eating grass...

But when Tara started slapping her precious plant she wasn't so happy anymore! Not long after it was growl, slap, and Sue was gone.

Amientje joined and Tara started to enjoy it more and more, like a real jungletiger she started to attack the others through the plant

Naeva joined in a bit later but didn't really get it, what's all this now? :o

Amin agreed with Tara, playing was a lot more fun than eating! And after a while Yse felt the same way. Ready for the attack!

Naeva still wanted to calmly check it all out, but the others disagreed, destroy the plant! :e

After this I rescued the plant and put it away safely :P


Amin and Tara have been placed online last night and several people have contacted the shelter about them already. Tomorrow a couple will visit to see them both, which would be great if they would be adopted together! And it would be best for Tara as well :)
Yse (or as I pronounce it, Ise) is purring more and more, and so loud, it's amazing to hear how much sound that little thing produces! And all 4 are meowing when they don't see another cat or me, Yse approved of me as well now and just comes to me and gets all cozy then <3 But I do hope they'll learn a bit more to be alone at times as well.
Naeva is still as cute as ever, but one of her eyes starts to get a bit annoying at the moment. So keeping that cleaned and hope it'll go over without meds.

I originally posted this on a forum on Friday, July 27 and Saturday, July 28. Roughly translated and posted here afterwards.

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  1. These posts always make me smile))) They are so precious!