Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Salla's improving!

And I'm so happy to see that :) Last few days she thought I was pretty scary, except when she was in her room, there it was cuddles all over the place. Normally I'd give her more time and let a scared kitty adjust to me 1 room at a time, but I wanted her to get used to everything in the house as fast as possible, because she's older already and can go up for adoption in just a few days. Luckily she looks up to my cats and they showed her that things like the laundry machine and the dishwasher aren't scary at all. She looked at everything like she hasn't seen or heard it before, and with those things she's doing excellent!
With me it was a bit less good, the more comfy she felt here the more she got impressed by me. From a distance she did greet me and meow to me as well, but being picked up was scary, me trying to pat her, offering my hand to sniff, it was all reason to hide when she wasn't in her safe room. But this morning she turned around a bit and relaxed a lot more, she even came to me several times for some cuddles :)
I do my best to often show her that I bring good stuff, wether it's food, tlc, or just a lift to higher and interesting places. And it seems that worked, today she's not running away anymore when I walk near her and when she's tired, she doesn't go to her room but so far she stays downstairs. Right now she's on the couch near Sue. She does try to approach Bindi and Sue, they don't allow her to sleep with them or anything like that but they're very relaxed with her and stay pretty calm. Dew's still sweet to her, they play and sleep together, he washes her often, at times he shows who's boss, and she really likes him a lot! So all in all, considering her age and that she's only with me for a week, she's doing great ♥ Anyway, photos! ^_^

Here Salla returns the favor to Dewey, first time I see a kitten wash him as well, aww! And he loves her water, it's just normal water but if it's not available 24/7 it's instantly very interesting, lol.


She was playing with a piece of paper but got distracted by a piece of litterbox filling :P

*shakes head* :O

Looking outside is very interesting! I also showed her this morning what's behind the curtain in her room, another window! After that it didn't matter what happened, she kept looking outside from that window, even Dew couldn't catch her attention!

She also discovered the Kong toys :)

This morning, snoozing on top of the couch. I put her there and she approved ^_^

Here she spotted something outside

Showing off her nails!