Sunday, November 4, 2012

More photos!

I have a lot of photos again, but to post 50 at once is maybe a bit too much :)

Little meerkat

Cuckoo Tara!

Taartje <3

Dew's messing with Amientje, but as you can see he's not really impressed :P

And he knows what to do with it as well!

Look at how much she improved! Her eye still has scartissue on it as you can see, and by now most of her teeth in the bottom/middle fell out but she has no problems eating etc. I don't know if those will ever grow back or if it will give issues later on, but so far, so good and only her tongue is hanging out a bit more often now :) I have to be honest and say I had my doubts about Ysera at times, but that only makes it even nicer to see her like this now!

Fuzzy girl :)

Favo sleeping position, frontpaws in, backlegs stretched

Loving her paws!

Amientje being all pretty...

And he always looks straight ahead! :O

Little thinker

Nomnom cat ear!

Caramel paw :)

I originally posted this on a forum on Saturday, July 28. Roughly translated and posted here afterwards.

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