Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New scratching pole

Yesterday I gave the kittens a slightly higher scratching pole with a basket at the bottom, and they liked it straight away!

Tara in the basket

Ysera with a mouse on top

Unfortunately Dew is acting a bit different and less fun towards the kittens since yesterday, could be caused by the scratching pole which is from my cats? It was never used by them, only Dew lay in it every once in a while. He seems confuzed now, he wants to go to the kittens but for example, he tried to carry Naeva out of the room with his mouth, and he went for Tara as well. Still a bit soft, but too harsh already imo, and he included a mild version of his battlecry. I'm gonna call someone about this later, because I don't have enough experience with adult cats with kittens to know what's the wise thing to do here (correct him, let them sort it, keep him away from the kittens, ...)

Little stalkers! When I see this, I can understand Dew as well :P

Ysera's favo sleeping position

Naeva sneaking up on a toy

Stubborn little missy!

It's often not so easy to make photos, Naeva and Amin discovered the cord on my camera ^_^

And Tara discovered my belt loops and loves them. Not so nice, because I often get nails in my back as well! But she thinks I shouldn't whine, it's fun :e

Amin is a little dragon as we'd say in Dutch, a "draakje", he slaps and bites a lot atm. But his adorable face makes up for a lot :) Naeva discovered how to climb my pants, I hope it'll take a while before Amientje discovers that!

Sleeping together

The kittens are doing well, they gain weight like they should, use the litterboxes, and there's barely any hissing anymore. Only Yse hisses sometimes when she gets spooked by something. Tara (Taartje) was meowing this morning and searching for a litterbox (I was cleaning them) and she even held it in until I could quickly put her on a litterbox :) Both Tara and Ysera are more relaxed when I pick them up now, at start they really started to panic and tried to get away, so yep, I think they're doing well! :)

I originally posted this on a forum on Tuesday, July 10. Roughly translated and posted here afterwards.

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