Sunday, August 26, 2012

4 tiny foster kittens

I got a call from the shelter 2 days ago, if I wanted to foster 4 kittens, and today I went to pick them up! The kittens are from 3 different litters, and something clearly happened to one of them (accident or some?). They spend the last few days at the vet, who helped that kitten recover a bit. The poor thing clearly isn't doing well at all yet, and also because of that, the youngest ones will stay separated from the older 2 the nights at first (using a bench for them). During day I'll keep the 4 together when I'm around to keep an eye on them until the little 2 are bigger and healthier.

Tortoiseshell female, estimated 3.5/4 weeks old. Is doing very well so far, and also plays along with the older 2 already.

It's not easy to wash yourself when your paws keep attacking you! ^_^

Knockout in a litterbox

Red/white female, estimated 3.5/4 weeks old. Is hissing a bit to me, she does want to play with the others but it's all not so easy for her yet.

It's not clear yet if her eye will heal up fully, have to use eye ointment as often as possible. Her little nose was 1 big scab from what I understood, it starts to look a little bit like a nose again now, need to use a medicinal cream on it. Her mouth has some scabs as well and her teeth aren't fully ok either. Of course she has pain killers as well and hopefully it'll all heal up fine with medication and TLC.

And brother and sister, a blue/creme tortoiseshell female and creme with white feet male (I was told he's a redpoint but he has colored paws and nose, so it's a bit of a mystery!), estimated 5.5 weeks old.

She can hiss well, but when she got tired I found out fast that there's a little engine in her too :)

They were both cuckoo ever since they arrived!

The male will get a separate post soon, because when the others were finally sleeping, he was still busy playing with a mouse :)

I originally posted this on a forum on Thursday, July 5. Roughly translated and posted here afterwards.

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