Saturday, August 25, 2012

My cats: Bindi, Sue and Dewey

Before I start posting about the foster kittens, I'd like you to meet my cats :)

My first cat is Bindi, she's 10 years old now. I used to work in the animal shelter back then, and when I moved to an apartment that was big enough to take in a cat, I of course had to take one home! And there she was, 6 weeks old, terrified behind her litterbox. At that time the shelter didn't use foster homes yet, and it was so busy there that there was no time to socialize Bindi a bit more. After 2 weeks (the period where a possible owner has the chance to pick his animal up) I got to take her home. Bindi has always been a bit scared of visitors and new stuff, and even things like boxes scared her. But throughout the years she did improve at her own pace, and nowadays she's not nearly as scared anymore, and often even curious for new things :) She's my special girl, she loves attention but in her own way, likes to stare at me and talk with me (she always replies) and she has a thing for my hair! She loves food as well, haha, but visitors? Not so much, it really depends on the person whether or not she will show herself, but often she just stays upstairs. At times she will come down and just sit at a distance, head pulled on to her shoulders, and starts The Big Staring. But if she really likes you, she will come and show you that she's quite a chatty lady! ^_^

Bindi  25-10-2013

Next up is Sui, usually called Sue, and soon she'll be 10 years old as well. She was about 3 months old when she came in the shelter, and I totally fell in love with her chubby little body with the small head and kneading paws whenever she saw someone! But Bindi didn't love her as much as I did though, or well, she didn't love her at all, haha. She just didn't understand that weird thing invading her space! Unfortunately those 2 never became friends :( Sue grew up to be a slacky cat, she loves to hang on the couch or come on your lap to cuddle, playing (even when I throw cat candy) just isn't her thing. And well, I can't really blame her, I'd probably do the same! What she does really love are boxes and cat grass, you should see her graze that stuff away! She also likes to get some fresh air in the garden, but after that, it's time to lie down and relax some more. She's so soft and cuddly, but if Sue doesn't want or like something, you'll know it! :D In the evening she often follows me upstairs and takes her place close to me next to or on the bed, or even on top of me, and during nights and when I wake up in the morning, she's usually still there, ready to roll upside down and get some belly cuddles :)

Lastly is Dewey, also known as Dew or Dewdew, 2 years old. He came here as a foster kitten (I'll write more about that later) and he just stole my heart. When he was a kitten he also brought some peace between the other 2, so it was only a matter of days before I picked him up again from the shelter and took him home again, this time for good! Now Dew, he's something special. They all are of course, they all have their own adorable character, but Dew is just... he's just Dewey! :D Enthousiastic, incredibely cuddly at times, curious, and oh so vocal! He goes prr prr all day long, and I don't mean his little engine, but instead of meowing he usually communicates with his prr sounds. And when he's tired his prr prr sounds like he had an all-nighter at a bar with too much smokes and booze, lol. Loves to be outside, going junglecat-mode, "stealthing" in plants that aren't even close to being big enough to hide him. Although there are a few bigger plants where he just disappears under, but then he goes prr when you walk by the plant anyway! Dew's also the cat you'll see most here, because he's really involved with the kittens, where Bindi and Sue aren't liking them all that much and usually just ignore them, or learn them that not all cats appreciate the overly enthusiastic approach.

I don't think I'll be showing my cats all that much here, afterall, this is a blog about the foster kittens! But it might be handy to know who's who when you see their names in a post :)

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