Monday, August 27, 2012

Aaaand some more photos...I keep clicking!

This little one plays very enthousiastic, but after that she's really tired as well! I do find it a bit tricky to photograph her fur! So most photos that I took so far were a bit blurry unfortunately.

That toy mouse looks very big all of a sudden :)

Rolled over by accident, but doesn't matter, just continue sleeping!

When I went to check on them earlier, a few of them were sleeping on the mattress, but this little lady woke up straight away. She's improving a bit already, she's hissing a lot less to me :)

Part of the camera moves...what's that! :o

She wants to play, but it's all bit harder for her, and I can notice as well that her sight isn't ok. On the background you see brother and sister playing together.

Then we have brother and sister, it's obvious that they're a bit older already!
Sleeping on the bench

She really likes the Catit rails! Even though her paws are still a bit too short :O

But that's ok, you can also have fun and be silly near the rails!

On my lap, the little miss is ok with that a bit more often now, and she can purr well then! And if I stop petting her, she sometimes already throws her head against me <3

Of course her brother had to mix in as well :)

He keeps following me, he's really interested in humans!

Huh? What's moving there! *poke*

I'll go bug the poor thing with her ointments again, and give them the activity board (without the cups). I think the blue/creme will enjoy that one :)


The kittens are doing well further, but their bowel movement got a bit thin, especially from the black one. It's probably from the warm weather, but I'll keep a close eye on her, although it seems she's doing a bit better already again :)

The red/white one has improved a little bit already, but well, it's too early to tell if she'll be able to see with that eye later on. Although I do think she's not completely blind on that side. Her mouth and nose look a bit weird from up close, I hope that'll get better! I'm still pretty scary, but my cats are scary too! Poor Dew even got a panick-slap from her, but he didn't do anything back <3

I originally posted this on a forum on Saturday, July 7. Roughly translated and posted here afterwards.

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