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Foster kitties Buster & Kyra

Besides Evi, I had 2 more kittens in 2010. They were captured during a TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return), and the kittens went to foster homes to socialize them. I took 2 kittens home, a tricolor which I named Kyra, and she was about 12 weeks old. The day I got them I picked up my boyfriend from the airport, and when we got home, the other kitten had decided to trust us humans already! My boyfriend adored that little red and white kitten, and he named him Buster, Bustertje (as I'd say in Dutch) was 7 weeks old. Having a soft spot for tricolors and red/white cats didn't help and these 2 quickly became very special for me ^_^

Here they are together

As you could see on the above photo, Bustertje's eyes weren't ok (there's some eye ointment around his eyes). They both came with a mild cold and Bustertje had just slightly infected eyes, but not bad enough yet to start with meds straight away. It's best if a cat can handle a cold without any meds, so we had hopes that they'd be healthy again soon. But when we came home that afternoon, it showed that he really did need some medication for his eyes, which he of course got as well. Unfortunately both developed cat flu in the coming period as well, so they ended up with medication afterall.

This was Buster on his first day here, he was oh so skinny!

I don't have many photos from Kyra at start, because she was so scared! The first days, if I tried to approach here, she went flying! With a lot of TLC, patience and the help of Bustertje, she slowly started to improve.

Buster's eyes didn't get better, and I wanted to visit the vet on Friday, so I called him. He thought I should just continue with the ointment, and if it wasn't improving by Monday, I should come by then. Unfortunately I wish I made it more clear that I really had a bad feeling about waiting during the weekend, because Sunday night one of Bustertje's eyes closed up completely. On Monday he had a fever and I couldn't get his eye open, which the vet later on did. As it turned out, there was a new form of the usual eye infection out there, which caused adhesions(?). So no wonder I couldn't open his eye, it grew shut! I had to use the ointment as often as possible from that point on, and open his eye up again in the morning. That looked so nasty and painful though, that instead of opening it in the morning, I got out of bed several times during the first nights to use the ointment again, and luckily it started to improve!

They both got healthy again and Bustertje grew up to be an adorable kitty :)

His eye (the right one on this picture) was damaged by the adhesions though, including his tear tube. That opened again but because of the scar tissue, he kept a watery eye ever since. I often need to wipe his tears away on that side, but he knows I'm helping and always lets me do my thing. Having said that, it's probably clear that Bustertje still lives here ^_^ More on that below!

Here they are together again :)

Even though it's Bustertje that ended up with me, it was actually Kyra that I fell in love with straight away! If a kitten has special needs, and you end up seeing it improve, it's just hard to not get extra attached. Bustertje also had special needs with all the meds, and he was só great with that! But seeing Kyra not fly or even run away anymore, ahh that was also awesome to see :D

And look at her, I mean, :L

On their last night with me she even came lie with me on the bed :)

Keeping Kyra was never an option for me, because she was way too fond of my cats Bindi and Sue. Cats were the only thing in the house that she recognized, and she instantly went for them if she had the chance, which was way too much for B&S. Bustertje was a lot better with that, he gave them space. And when Kyra needed a bit less attention because she was improving (Bustertje got a lot of attention from my boyfriend in the first week), Bustertje started to steal my heart more and more. He was just too adorable! :L After I brought them back to the shelter, I really missed them both and Bindi and Sue started to be more annoying to each other again, which didn't help. So it was only a matter of days before I went to pick him up again. Bustertje is now called Dewey and you can read more about him here. He doesn't bring peace between the 2 ladies anymore though, that changed a lot when he got older unfortunately and that isn't always easy. But I'm só happy I adopted him! :O

Kyra fell back into her old scared self in the shelter, which was horrible to see. But the shelter started to place her in a cage more often, so she couldn't hide as much and eat calmly, and that helped her a lot. It took a few months before she got adopted, but she did find a home in the end. Unfortunately there's no way for me to figure out how she's doing now, because I didn't let them be adopted from my house back then. I hope this special kitty is doing well <3

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