Saturday, August 25, 2012

My first foster kitten: Evi

In 2010 I signed up for fostering kittens without a mum, I wanted to do something with animals again, and having a cute little kitten in your house is always fun, right? Right! Unless that foster kitty is a little handbinder like Evi, haha :O She was just a couple of weeks old and the shelter didn't have any other kittens to place with her at that time, so little furball Evi came alone. But she was a typical tricolor, those are known for often having quite a bit of character and attitude, and Evi was no exception! I don't have too many photos of her to show it, but she was quite a challenging kitten to start fostering with :) Not because she was sick, scared or aggressive, nothing of that, but because she really had an endless amount of energy and was always in the mood to go mess around with stuff she wasn't supposed to mess with! And during the times where she was a bit calm it showed well that she left her mum way too early, she always started sucking on my clothes, poor thing.

Here she just came home with me, look at all that adorable fuzz!

When she was old enough I brought her back to the shelter to be adopted, but even though she kept me and my cats really busy and some peace and quiet time would be nice, leaving her there wasn't easy at all. And when she started to hold on to me and hide under my face, which she didn't do before (afterall, she had to play! all! day! :e), I really found it hard to put her on the ground and leave the room, ugh :( But a few days later I went to check on her and saw her fully adapted to her new situation, lying like a queen on a chair there owning the place, and I knew she'd be fine :) And luckily it didn't take long before she got adopted!

She had such a funny face ^_^

Ball of energy!

Socks needed to be killed, and well, everything else too!

And here she pretended to be all calm and adorable, but she was actually planning her next crazy move :D

Now Evi was the first time my cats saw a kitten since they were in the shelter, which was about 8 years ago. At first they were really curious, there was something in that little room that made sound! Could it be a hamster again, or something like that? Oh joy! :L And then...dun dun duuun... it said meow! Should've seen my cats, lol! Yeah, after that it wasn't all that funny anymore, and Sue decided to ignore that whole room. Bindi however, was pretty intrigued and sat on a chair in front of a window of that room all day long, just looking at it. But then the day came where that odd little creature came out of the room and started playing with them, and oh those tails, they just had to be attacked! Sue quickly showed she wasn't amused, and Bindi didn't know just what hit her there, haha. Those 2 got tired of Evi real fast, and whenever she wouldn't give up, Bindi and Sue went to hide in the bedroom which I kept closed off for Evi.

And to show you Sue wasn't amused... That camera flash in her eyes didn't help, but it's quite obvious what she thought of that little thing racing through her house!

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