Monday, August 27, 2012


I finally found some names for the kittens, although it's not really helping yet. It doesn't matter what kind of sound I make, they don't look anyway! :) I called the blue one Tara, the red/white one Ysera, the creme Amin and the black one Naeva.

Tara is just a name I liked and I found it matched with her attitude and character, Ysera is a name from WoW, the description of that character in game matched well with this kitty I think (like this kitten is often a bit in her own world as well). Amin -Amientje as I'd say in Dutch- is the name from an online friend (although I found out later that it's not a name that should be given to pets according to their religion, oops! >.<) and Naeva apparently means child of the evening, which I thought would go well with her pretty fur.

Tara starts to find me more interesting, meows a bit more and is by far the biggest kitty now. If they'd told me she was from a different litter than her brother I would've believed it straight away! She's really a little lady already, and also a little foodjunkie :D

The bench is still comfy!

Naeva starts to turn into a real cuddlycat, she loves to curl up in my neck and hair and give my face kisses while purring like mad. Tiny wet nose against my nose :L She also greets me with meows I can barely hear, so cute! At first it was Amientje who focussed on me the most, now that's Naeva.

Lying upside down to show that she also has white in her fur

Amin attacked my nose this morning with 2 paws and a little kittenjump! Luckily he was gentle, because this little mister is the worst when it comes to teeth and nails. Every little thing on my skin needs to be attacked as well, so he keeps me quite busy :)

But he can also be adorable (when he sleeps) :angel

Ysera all of a sudden made good progress this morning, she actually stayed with me for a little while instead of running away instantly. And when the others came to me, she joined them too, including a little meow to me. And as it turns out, there's a big engine hidden in that tiny body! <3 I just cleaned her up a bit as well, and she really liked it this time, prrrr. It's só nice that she starts to trust me a little, she has enough to deal with already.

Her little head is improving as well, but she just lacks some bits of her nose and mouth, I don't know how else to describe it. Her eye has a milkywhite layer which isn't getting any less yet, and her mouth is open a bit, but she just can't close it further. But with eating and other things it doesn't seem to be an issue for her! There was a big piece of scab hanging loose from her nose yesterday, poor girl, that looked really awful :( But after that got loose and I put cream on her nose again, it looked like she felt a lot better all of a sudden and she even went nuts for a bit. It was really nice to see her like that, I often find it hard to see such a tiny little creature having so much issues already. Later this week we're going to the vet for a checkup, curious to see what he thinks of her now.

These pics show the position of her mouth and teeth, which isn't so visible when she looks straight forward. She gets eye ointment at least 10x a day, cream on her nose several times a day, and painkillers of course, but there's nothing else I can do about her mouth. But I hope it'll improve when she grows!

On my lap together with Naeva

And some more lapcats

Look at little brave Naeva here! :o
I'm so glad she didn't try to do that with Sue :O

Getting them socialized is so much easier with some friendly kittens there as well! I already knew that, but now that I see it for myself, it still surprises me. And Tara just greeted Dew with her tail up (she was the worst towards him) and he sat with her and Amientje in the window :)

I originally posted this on a forum on Sunday, July 8. Roughly translated and posted here afterwards.

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