Monday, August 27, 2012

Dew and the kittens

The kittens are all doing fine, and their bowel movement is ok again as well. I am a lot more fun already, and Dewey is a lot less scary as well. At first they were hissing to him with arched backs, but now they're watching him closely (when they're tired) or start to follow him. But Dew's still a bit impressed from all the staring and following, especially when they close up on him or sit on a row just looking!

Dew jumped in their room and that spooked Amin...

...who then started to follow Dew

His sister Tara also noticed that big thing. I would also feel a bit weird if I were Dew and there's 4 pairs of eyes staring at me like Tara does here :O

Dewey ignores Amin's high back

Both following Dew

Dew and mini-Dew!

Dewey loves flies (the bigger, the tastier >.<) and there was one between the door and the doorframe. Amientje got brave and went to sniff Dew while he was going for his snack, and after that Dewey went back on his scratching pole on the other side of the door.

Tara played with Dew's tail shortly earlier when he was lying near the door, and she got a very soft poke against her head when she was sitting behind the door. That grey thing moving behind the door was pretty interesting for Dew as well! He seems to know well that she's the biggest of them all, but that he has to be very careful still. So adorable together :)

Bindi and Sue dislike the whole kitten-thing, they hiss and Sue looks angry at them as well. Bindi is interested in their food (nothing new there), but she's too scared to go into their room and take it, haha. But my girls have plenty of space in the rest of the house and choose to just stay away from them, which is fine of course.

I originally posted this on a forum on Sunday, July 8. Roughly translated and posted here afterwards.

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