Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Playing together

Belle and Toby really got the hang of playing together, and they're now also trying to sneak up on each other more, or just charge forward! Unfortunately they think I'm some weird, 2-legged cat as well, so why not charge my face too? So right now I'm learning them that I'd rather not have that, haha. Sue seems to have less issues with making her point clear xD

They're also still helping Dew with his activities, he finds it quite handy that they help, while Toby is wondering how he can get out of there...

He's so tiny still (I just weighed them, Toby is now ± 650 and Belle ± 605 grams), but look at how big he looks here already! Such a handsome little boy :)

Playing together in the sun!

Besides the obvious black mark on Toby's chin, there's much more that an tell them apart. But when it's not as clear on a picture? Their front legs! Toby has a left black leg with white foot, his right leg is white. Belle has it the other way around :)

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