Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Belle trying to impress Dewey

One of the first moments that Dewdew really started to show his usual behavior towards the kittens, was when he was on my lap last Saturday. Belle came to me so I picked her up and placed her next to him, and oh boy, what a little show-off! :D Dewey washed her a bit, but wasn't too impressed with her. But she was rolling around, climbing him, trying to search his fur for a nipple, poking his head, and in general she was just so excited and happy! It shows they do need some education from the adults though, she was a bit rude (and he was sweet as usual ♥), not because she's just like that, but because she doesn't know any better and was simply showing her excitement a bit over the top! I'm sure that'll work out fine in the coming weeks :)

She still had such blue eyes here! Both of them started to change eyecolor now, right now I'd guess they'll go green-ish.

And here's a vid of Dewey and Toby that I made yesterday :)

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