Monday, September 7, 2015

Toby and Belle have found their forever home!

And they get to stay together, yay!! A couple visited them on Saturday and after that, they went to the shelter and fixed some paperwork and the deposit, so these 2 cuties are reserved for them. Now it's just a matter of enjoying them for the weeks to come, and I get 2 bonus weeks! The new owners will be busy moving when T&B are allowed to move (around October 1st), so they will stay here for a little bit longer, until 15 October latest. Unfortunately they don't live nearby, so visiting Toby and Belle more often in between wouldn't be as easy, but it seemed like a lovely couple and I'm very happy that they get to stay together!

Having said that, I think I'll miss these 2 a lot! :( It's such a special bond when you raise them like this, and they're really attached to me and they mix in so well here... Not to mention how cute they are! Yesterday morning I let them out of their kittenroom and went back to bed myself, so they had access to the entire house. But nope, they quickly joined me on the bed instead! They played a lot at first (SO cute, especially Toby makes these little prr sounds now at times when he's playing, and practices his little hops, awwh!) and then they went for a nap, under my chin, in my arms :L They really love snoozing on me, and both have quite a loud engine as well! Especially Belle purrs fast and loud. The new owners did hear it a little bit near the end of their visit, but I'm sure they'll hear a lot more of that after they moved!

All I can do now is socialize them as good as I can and teach them a bit what's allowed and what not. They were a bit impressed at first on Saturday, but I think that was also because I didn't know their visitors either, and they do sense that. With most visitors they're actually doing very well, but I already asked some people to visit us to help with their socialization, because that never hurts of course :) Today they also get some extra socialization, I'm getting a new kitchen! I'll have them locked up in their room though, for their own safety and to make sure they're not in the way, but I'm sure they'll hear plenty of it, and I'll go sit with them at times so they know all is ok. They don't care about it all so far, there's boxes and stuff around, and my dad was here yesterday to fix some stuff already, but they're just acting like their usual selves :)

Starting with some random pics! They can both have the big, round eyes, but Toby has this 'deer in headlights' look by nature, haha! They were cute together and for once, Toby didn't straight away move towards me, so I quickly switched my phone for my camera, but I'll show those photos next time.

I really thought Toby was asleep, but he was just snoozing like that :D

They still get a bottle every day, not because they need it (they eat and drink just fine), but to help them with their suckling needs. That has improved a lot already, but I'll keep up with the bottle for now. Here's Toby, what you don't see here is that his ears always wiggle a bit when he's drinking, I've seen that more often but he has quite a strong wiggle, so cute! And he drinks like a pro nowadays, that bottle is empty within no time!

Belle doesn't drink as well, she often nibbles and chews a lot on the bottle, but when she does start to drink properly... She's so enthusiastic that the whole tip of the bottle disappears into that red ring from the vacuum she creates :D

Toby asleep on me, look at those paws! :L

Dewdew brought a moth inside, and at that moment Sue was actually in a really playful mood (which is a bit rare). Toby and Belle were asleep in the scratching barrel, they like that one a lot at the moment, but came to see what was going on!

Sue was slapping the moth (even more rare, she doesn't have a lot of hunting instinct and usually just wants to sniff a prey, haha), while Dew and ehm, a kitten, were looking at it

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