Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A bunch of random pics

Right, this is the last post with sorted pics, but there's a bunch more unsorted pics, oops! I took my camera and tried to get some better photos of the kittens to go with their adoption text. They went online yesterday, they're not ready for adoption yet but we can of course look for a new owner already, and today people already showed interest! A couple will come visit them on Saturday, and if it's a match, they'll move in October :) Fingers crossed for them, so they can stay together! ♥ Anyway, those pics will come some other time, here's the remaining ones from my sorted folder :)

Belle shows why I clean the kittens often, haha! Although with them learning to wash themselves, and Dew washing more, I think my days of cleaning kittens and towels and babywipes everywhere are almost over!

Playing together!

Toby started to understand he could scratch his little paws on that scratching board

I'm not sure if Toby was the first on top of the couch, but he sure likes it the most! He couldn't get on the couch himself yet at that moment, but getting on top of that blanket? No problem!

Dew gave Toby a lick and backed off a little, right when I took this pic

They were sleeping together in the evening, but taking a photo of them was nearly impossible, especially Toby kept moving towards me! But I managed the day after, and took some very cute pics :) I'll show those sometime soon!

The cookie cutters are still a hit as they show here, behind them is another activity board (it's actually for dogs, but Dew can't tell the difference anyway, heh). They already poked the loose cones a little, and I'm not fully sure, but I think they also shoved around the red circle things. They'll be pro at puzzles if they keep this up, haha!

I gave them a different kind of wet food, and well, it was really wet, lol! They have dry food as their main food, but I try to get them used to different textures and tastes, so I vary a little with canned food. I'm sure you'll understand all the towels on my photos when you look at Toby here :D

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