Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Activity board and playtunnel fun!

I haven't shown them most of the real activity boards yet, but the cookie cutter set still does the trick! They fish out those cutters, poke them around, and roll the round ones through the room a little. The playtunnel is entertaining too! They have one in their kittenroom as well :) Lots of pics incoming! They're from 29/30-8.

Dew and Toby with the refilled board

Belle in the playtunnel

'Hey wait a minute, who are you!'

Belle with bonus Sue! :D

Oh oh, those cute little faces after eating wet food... They're understanding the whole washing thing more and more now, which is good, because they can look like such a mess! :O

One of Toby's favo toys? His own paws, haha! Silly muppet :)

Dew decided to give him a little wash

Toby looks a little unsure here (afterall, it's been a while they've been washed by an adult cat...)

But his little face here says enough, they're becoming more and more interested in, and are growing fond of Dewey!

Belle joined them

But playing is way more fun!

Kitten wrestling! :O

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