Sunday, August 24, 2014

Time for some Colin spam!

Tomorrow Colin will get some visitors, and I so hope it's a match, he deserves a new home with people that will give him time and work further with him. He's been online for about a week now, and I don't know how many people have replied, but I do know that some people replied and seemed to have forgotten all the text that's describing him after seeing how he looks! And I can't really blame them though, what a gorgeous kitten he is :D But I think Colin would really benefit from a calm home, with owners that work with him, earn his trust, etc. A home with kids is way too much for him, and I don't think he'd be such a fun kitten for kids either! Besides him being scared easily and then hiding or running away, he also likes to play with and chew on hands, ouch!

But... to me he has turned around amazingly well, and if he was a better match with my cats, I wouldn't have doubted for a moment and would've kept him. I doubted loads now, even asked advise of a behaviour expert, and eventually I decided not to keep him because it's not a perfect match with my cats. I simply adore him, and he seems quite fond of me too! ^_^ After Mobi left, he fell back and even hissed at me again when I locked him up in his room for a bit. But with Dewey often in the garden and his little buddy gone, he quickly decided that the strange 2-legged creature was maybe worth to look into afterall! That afternoon we already had some great cuddly time, and in the coming days he turned around quite fast. He doesn't like being alone during nights, so I joined him often when he started meowing (he just won't stop once he starts, but luckily he starts later now, around 06:00 and I just let him out after that) and we just cuddled. And if such a scared little thing forgets you're scary, starts throwing himself at you (especially my face) and climbing you, cuddling while purring oh so loudly... :L
The playing with hands and feet has improved loads too, but he still has his moments! The chewing on my fingers is still a bit more fun though, that needs some more work. The hiding for me and being scared of me isn't really showing much anymore, but Friday we went to the vet for his 2nd shots, and I wore heels which I put on right before we left and that he hadn't seen before. Yesterday I walked in the room, towards him, with the same heels on... woooshh! He was under the couch in a split second, haha. Took me a moment, but it was the shoes! Clever kitten :) Whoever ends up with him, is gonna be a lucky owner! Yes, he might come with a little manual, but when he comes to you for cuddles, replies when you call for him and rushes to you, ahh he does everything with passion, haha. And he reminds me a bit of my Bindi with a few little things, I guess that added to it as well, I do miss her a lot at times. I really hope it's a match tomorrow, but this will be quite a mixed-feeling adoption as well. Happy for him, but oh so sad that he wasn't a match with my cats, at the same time :(

Oh! And I went to the restaurant where he was found and where his name comes from (La Colline), and asked if they knew anything about him. I expected them to not know much, I thought for sure that he must've been found behind the restaurants or some. But they knew straight away what I was on about, and they actually found him inside the restuarant after closing! Such a strange story, a very unique looking kitten (black smoke tabby isn't your average sheltercat color), unsocialized, and that in the heart of our city, between all stores and restaurants! They suspect he sneaked in during day, when they had their huge sliding doors fully open, and found him after closing in the evening. From what I understood, they tried to capture him which didn't work well, and he even bit someone. The animal ambulance brought him to the shelter, where he was checked over and deflead the next day and then brought to me. No wonder he didn't even react to Dew at first and just wanted to hide in my walls, he had been through so much in 24 hours! Quite a difference between that scared creature and how he is now ♥

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