Friday, August 1, 2014

Meet Colin

It's been a week since I first wrote about the newcomer, time for some photos! But first a little update again :) Colin (named after the restaurant where he was found) is improving every day, doesn't hiss much anymore, and his hiding when I get too close is much improved already too. I hope to be able to let him in more rooms soon, because that's what Mobi's used to as well, and I'm keeping them together. Colin did already get his chip and shots yesterday, and while I was there, I left Mobi behind for surgery, poor thing :(

But luckily all went fine and later that day, Mobi came home again, with one of those cones around his poor little head! The vet completely removed his upperarm bone now, she amputated at the usual length at first, from what I understood muscles are then placed over the bone to fill up the space between bone and skin. But with small or light animals it can happen that they use the remaining leg so much that the muscles disappear and the wound opens up again, and that's what happened with Mobi too. The cone isn't a must if he stays off the stitches (which he did fine last time), but I was worried about Dew or Mobi washing, and even more so about Colin playing too enthusiastic! Especially because -yay!- Mobi found an owner :) When he's all healed up he gets to go to his new home, so I want to do whatever I can to make his healing as smooth and fast as possible.

Last night I took off the cone for a bit, so Mobi could clean himself up a bit, eat and drink easier, and I put it back on for the night. Kept Mobi in the bench, Colin in the little room upstairs, which I transformed to kittenroom again, and both weren't happy at all during the night! Dew felt the need to share a few times with me as well that the kittens were sad, he doesn't like that one bit. I woke up loads and on one of those moments, I thought of putting on the cone backwards, cutting a hole for Mobi's leg and somehow make that work. This morning I came down and discovered Mobi had the cone around his waist! >.< Poor little creature, I thought I had it pretty tight, but it seems I overestimated kittennecks, haha! But cutting the cone still seemed like a good idea this morning, so I went ahead and fixed that. Punched 2 holes in the tips of the cone and bound them losely together under his leg, so it'll stay in place. That way he has a lot more freedom and I don't have to worry about the wound. And I just checked, it's still in place :D Here's how it looks now! Considering Colin's face in the back, I think this was a wise choice, haha!

Anyway, back to Colin! Here's the photos I made the first day.

Here's how he came in, oh so terrfied, fur all messy from the defleaing spray. I used my phone to zoom in and look at the screen, so I could see him without looking directly at him

Mobi didn't like that thing in his bench one bit! But when Dew came near, he -as always- put on his engine and joined Dew. When Dew left he went back to being a little bitchy, haha! I covered the bench up with a blanket but kept an open spot in the back so Dew could work his magic

But poor Colin was so terrfied, he didn't even dare to move, sniff, or look at Dewey :/ That's a first...

Here he finally started following Dew with his eyes

But most of the time he just tried to hide in the wall, not looking at anything :(

His eyes stayed big after an hour or so, but not as dramatically as when he just came in

So I decided it was time to start working with him! I sat near the bench, ignoring him but kept talking to him, trying to soothe him with my voice. If he looked my way and I looked back, I kept blinking slowly with both eyes to keep confirming that I ment no harm. And in the mean time I emptied an entire toy basket, throwing them one by one, making Mobi race around like mad, haha! And at some point, Colin started to relax a little! He got a little curious about that black and white thing flying around and all the toys that flew by, stepped down from his hiding spot and had a look

Here he blinked back, progress! :) And such a relief for me, I so hate seeing kittens so scared, it's not needed when they're with me and my cats. And I didn't wanna leave him being so scared, so my goal for that day was get him to relax a little

Things of course stayed pretty impressive though

But he stayed a little curious as well :) I'll post more about his journey here in a bit!

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