Thursday, August 21, 2014


Ahh finally, the cone could stay off, I was sooo excited when the vet said it all looked great and removed the stitches! That ment Mobi's long road to being fully recovered was finally over, and with that, he was allowed to move to his new owners as well. When I came home I called his new owner, and I don't think she saw that coming, that they got to pick him up that weekend already! But the one that was most excited wasn't her or me, that was without a doubt, Mobi himself :) At the vet's table he came to me and stood on his backlegs against me for a moment after the stitches were removed, like he knew, and when we came home he was sooo happy! :D Kept racing around and playing, and just looked so happy ♥ Until he finally went for a nap on the couch and enjoyed rolling around without his cone. Even though it was far from fun to keep that cone on, I'm glad I did, it's a bit easier when it's not your own cat, and it made sure none could touch or accidentally damage the wound. Seeing him so happy made it all worth it! Farewell little happy boy :)


  1. Awwww... I'm gonna miss Mobi. Best of luck for him in his new home :)

    1. I think he found a perfect place, and the new owners already send me 2 vids that showed how well he was doing in just a matter of days! But I of course missed him too, such a happy fuzzy cutie :)

  2. Replies
    1. I'm glad to say Colin is actually doing fantastic! Right after Mobi left, he fell back and even hissed at me again, but a few hours later he was doing a lot better already and wanted to cuddle and all. He needed more socialization, but why bother with humans if you have a kittenfriend and a big cat friend? But Dew's often in the garden, Mobi left, so he decided to become biggggg friends with me instead :) (lets just say that if he was a better match with my cats, I would've kept him ♥)