Friday, August 1, 2014

Colin progress!

The first day Colin hissed a bit at me, the next day that got a lot worse. But I wanted to see if I could pet him, and that was a bit scary at first (touching a hissing kitten can go 2 ways, haha) but I trusted my instinct and went ahead. Turns out he secretly did enjoy that :D I couldn't approach him from the front though, I don't think he's used to hands, so gently started petting from the back, letting my hand move up to his face. I don't have any photos of that, I was crawled half into the bench, trying to pet, haha! I spend a lot of time on my knees in that bench those first few days :D On Saturday he did improve a lot more in the back of the bench, petting back there became oh so nice! He also started to walk around a bit more but if he sat near the front when I walked around, or sometimes even turned around on my chair, he straight away rushed back. He still often greeted my hand with a hiss, but he quickly went quiet when I petted him, and I discovered he packs quite a load purr too! He arrived Thursday in the afternoon, here are some pics from Saturday, sooo happy to see his progress :) I do push kittens like him in the first days, I don't have thát much experience with kittens this scared, but it feels like the faster they realize I'm not that bad, the faster things will become more fun for them and the faster I can work on socializing them further.
I filled up the bench more as well in the days that followed, also to help Mobi get up on the scratchingpole too, because Colin loved to be there, safe and high in the back! Every time I approached him here, he hissed at me, but I think these pics clearly tell he doesn't mind me there all that much afterall ^_^


  1. What a cool fur he has!
    Oh the 4th photo he looks so proud :D

    1. Yeah totally! It's smoky black tabby <3 Although he looks a bit brown or lighter grey at times as well, he usually looks darker, these pics are a bit light :) And he indeed does! And he should be, he's being such a brave little boy!