Friday, August 1, 2014

Colin and Dew

Even though he didn't even dare to look at Dew at first, Colin quickly became a huge fanboy :D The way he throws himself at Dew with a look in his eyes that's pure love, poor Dewey, haha! He went from having a crazy jumping, playing kitten to having this! Mobi is a lot better now with Dew, because he started to appreciate Colin's presence (Colin started to ignore the little growls and returned the slaps with playful pokes at that paw, haha, and that did the trick!) and they love to play! But Colin needs to improve outside the bench as well, when I let him out he would rush under the couch if he had the chance, and I then couldn't capture him anymore without the help of Dewey and Mobi. So I started to pick him up and carry him to more controlled areas, or let him eat with the others, things like that. If I pick him up he just hangs there, like a kitten would do when mum picks them up, except I hold him like you'd hold any cat. He just hangs still and scared :( That's slooowly improving now after a week though!

Where Dew goes, Colin goes too! Silly picture, but this was one of the first days of starting to follow Dew. By now, if he can, he's walking right next to Dew, or under him, around him, like he's glued to him :D

And here I put Colin with Dew in the house on top of the scratchingpole. Out of the bench, but still feeling safe with Dewey, and easier for me to keep in control. Dew at first was a bit meh about that, he doesn't love snoozing with kittens, but when somebody shows that much love? I guess he felt flattered, haha, and decided to give that kitten his first proper washing <3

Colin started to relax a bit more already, in his first moments there

Seriously, soooo cute!! :L

But here's a rare sight, this was right after Dewey hissed o_O I've only seen him hiss at fosterkitten Basil, which back then surprised me big time! It's a cat so he must be able to hiss, but I never saw that before in any situation. By now Dewey is 4 years and I've only seen him hiss those few times at Basil, never besides that, that's how incredibely rare that is! What happened though? Colin seemed to be looking for a nipple, like kittens do more often. But judging by the surprised look on Dew's face, followed by that hiss... I think he found one and bit! >.< Poor Dewey!

I straight away put my cam down and was ready to take Colin away, but my sweetheart went back to washing straight away <3

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