Friday, August 1, 2014

Colin and Mobi are friends

They really loooove to play together! Colin can't be free in the house yet, working on that, although these pics look like all is well. The times where he's hiding for me aren't photographed :P But if he keeps improving like he has so far, I'm sure that'll be fine in a little while too! But right now they're upstairs, in their room, because Moby had surgery yesterday so I want them to take it easy today. The more space they have, the harder they run and play! :D

This was one of the few times where Colin was lying on the ground and didn't run, and when I can approach him and start petting, he often does stay in place. He loves being petted under his chin :)

Mobi was on the couch, I picked up Colin and put him there too, and he was ok with that and started to relax near Mobi. Mobi on the other hand, wasn't loving that face near his behind I think, haha! Kicked him away a bit too :D

They make such a cute couple :L

Colin wanted to snooze a bit, but Mobi had too much fun poking his backleg ^_^

Nomnom! This was one of the first times out of the bench without me holding Colin, they all know it's best to share a plate and let Sue have hers :D This was some canned food my parents brought for them, and -a mircale!- Sue loves it!
My mum's good at finding stuff she likes lately, I can't even remember the last time Sue ate candy but now thanks to mum, I have 1 specific brand/flavor that she does eat occassionaly! Not that they need candy, but I do like to give my cats treats at times, and in the case of Dewey it helps to get him to help kittens (yes, I kinda bribe him at times, haha). And normally she eats only a specific brand/flavor of canned food, a mousse to be precise, and never with chunks. But this is a totally different type of food, with chuncks, and she sure loves it! Who would've thought, after 11.5 years... :D The amount of food she rejected throughout is insane, from cheap to expensive, from completely unrecognizable to pure meat... she does love to lick fruits and veggies though :O Anyway, eating kittens :$

Colin and Mobi are the same age, and you can tell that from their bodies and heads as well, but Mobi's still very fuzzy and he packs a bit more kittenbacon on his body, haha. I think Colin will catch up with him sometime though, he already looks and feels a bit more healthy now!

Dewey and his little fan

They can still walk under him, I hope for his sake that they grow soon, gives at least his belly a bit more peaceful time :D

They don't mind the bench, and can at times be found in there as well while the door's open, like this time. Colin loves to sleep in the playrails! And the basket is there because Mobi can easy climb that, and then hop on the scratchingpole, which was a bit trickier for hem to get on

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