Sunday, June 16, 2013

Meet Noomi

Prepare for some photo spam! :) It's that time of the year again, the kittenseason has started and the shelter is getting more and more kittens in need of a fosterhome. They contacted me last Wednesday about a 5 week old kitten that was found under the hood of a car and in need of a fosterhome. They do try to place kittens together with other kittens, but they didn't find her family and she had a bad ear mite infection, so I took her in alone (and of course my cats are treated preventively against it). So here she is, little handful Noomi! :D

In the shelter

On our way home

Still very punky from being deflead, and her belly was pretty big too but she's of course dewormed as well and she looks a lot better now!

It didn't take long before she met my cats! First she met Dew, and she instantly put up her back and tail (it looked so silly, tiny and punky :)) but she quickly realized he ment no harm and went for him straight away. Prrrrr and throwing herself at him, while Dewey just wanted to explore the room!
Sue just sat at a distance and the look in her eyes said enough, and Noomi froze in place, she clearly got the message :D Bindi also wasn't too happy as usual, but Noomi seems to understand well she might come across as angry or annoyed but really won't do much harm.

I considered calling her Freaky (thanks to someone who linked me a vid about a tarsier "hello there, freaky!", and well, her big round eyes... :O) but I figured that might look a bit odd when she's ready for adoption, so went with Noomi, although it's often Nomnom instead :)

It didn't take long before she thought of Dew as a massive toy, here she's getting ready to attack him...

But at that first day Dewdew wasn't so interested in playing with her yet, that little bowl however... So yep, I need to hide her food often!

It didn't take long before she got downstairs, so far nothing impressed her and she's been a very easy kitten! Here she's looking outside

So cute! :L


She was curious after the top of the door of her traveling cage and used my arm toget to it, clever kitty!

Just being cute :) All these photos were taken with my phone, I keep forgetting to use my cam atm!

I thought the playrails would be a bit big for her still, but nope, this little girl packs quite a punch!

So there we have it, the first bunch of Noomi photos :) Right now she's racing around the house with Dew, he's been great with her so far <3

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  1. what a little sweetheart! So glad she is in your care :)