Friday, June 21, 2013

Noomi went outside!

I never allowed kittens outside, but in my new garden there's no way for kittens to escape, so if it's nice weather ánd it's a healthy, highly social kitten, it can go outside a little bit at times. Noomi does have ear mite of course, but besides that she's healthy and she already grew quite a bit, and she's very easy. So I figured to just try it and see how it goes :) And it went great! She stayed at the front of the garden (only went in for about 1/3) and didn't even look at the walls/fencing. She was more impressed with the garden than she was with the entire house, she clearly wasn't used to it, but did seem to enjoy it. And when she had enough, she just went inside to go sleep somewhere, so cute! ^_^

Noomi quickly found out that there was a plant on the table hanging down a bit which made a great toy!

I fixed the plant so she couldn't play with it anymore, but couldn't resist making a few pics first :$ Under the table quickly became her favorite spot to lie down as well.

When she saw Dew she of course had to follow him around. Here they're under a chair together

But oh, that wiggly red tail of his...

She often jumps for it when she's following him around and then fails to get it, Dew doesn't even notice it at times :O

But here she got it! And Dewdew thought it was too warm to do more about it than giving her a soft poke :D

Happy with her prey ^_^

Noomi is absolutely doing great! She often comes to me when I call for her, has grown nicely, is cuddly and very playful, but when it's enough she just goes to sleep somewhere. There's a basket upstairs she really likes, and the couch is approved as well :) Yesterday I was away for a few hours and usually I lock kittens up when I'm gone or sleeping, but because she's so easy I decided to keep her out, and it went fine from what I could see! Curtains, cables and stuff alike was all in 1 piece, so was Noomi, and there were no upset cats :P

Right now she's on top of the scratchingpole, it didn't take long before she found her way up (it's about 2m high, and she climbs it like a little monkey :O) and she loves the toymouse attached to it. When I open the door to her room she's instantly purring and comes to me - unless her furry friend is near! This morning when Dew was washing her (for him the day with Noomi starts with washing, while she just wants to play, haha), she was attacking his paw but in the end she even washed him a little bit, aaaww! :L That's the second time I see a kitten do so, and the previous one (sweet little Salla) was a lot bigger already when she did so. I think whoever ends up adopting Noomi really is a lucky person :)