Saturday, December 29, 2012

Salla has moved

Unfortunately she hasn't moved to a new owner though, instead she went back to the shelter yesterday. I'll be moving soon and after discussing it with the shelter we decided it's best for her to be there now. She'd have to move either way, with me or to the shelter, and the shelter isn't the most ideal situation for her of course, but the chance that she'll get adopted is bigger there. It's not fun at all to bring a kitten back and I hoped I wouldn't have to do that anymore, but luckily she did so much better than what I hoped and expected when I brought her there! :) She's in a room with other cats (I think that room had 4), and she was walking around and discovering the room straight away! She did look a bit scared and she meowed loads (without sound, too funny :O), but I think it went great and I was really proud of her :) I hope she'll find a new owner soon and that she'll adjust well at her new home then!

She did so great in the last period here, the only thing that didn't go so well yet was being picked up and then held, she had some bad experiences with that but she was still improving as well. I think she's gonna make her new owner(s) very happy, she's adorable :L Of course I miss her though and so does Dew, when I came home without her he went searching and when he couldn't find her, he started to search me, digging in my clothes and stuff. It's a bit sad but he made me laugh :) After that he was fine again, although this morning he was meowing loads, haven't heard him meow like that in a while now. It was his second time having a fosterkitten around, the previous 4 were all aopted from my house so he saw the new owners pick them up, this time was different. But hopefully he'll understand it better next time, just like Bindi and Sue seem to do. Bindi and Sue didn't mind her at all, she was the first kitten that really did so well with them, probably because she was a bit older already. Aaaanyway, here's the last bunch of pics. Again most are taken with my phone so the quality ain't all that, but that doesn't make her any less cute :)

Playing on the bed in the kittenroom

I was wondering why my shoes were spread through the room with the shoelaces untied... :O

On top of her furry friend

As I said before she was free to walk around in the house 24/7 in the end, she got to experience moving bedsheets, and boy did she love that! Often she just jumped with a high kittenjump to land on anything that moved, so funny to see :O Luckily she was great during nights, at times she slept with me on the bed somewhere, but she wouldn't mess around while I was sleeping.

And when I was slacking on the couch with a blanket it didn't take long before she joined me :)


And when Bindi was lying there, she went silly-mode!

On my lap looking along at my screen

After I started packing, it didn't take long before she was walking on all the boxes as well. And when a new bunch of empty boxes arrived, she quickly joined Dewey on top of them. Dew was interested in the boxes, but Salla was interested in his wiggling tail instead! And of course she did attack it in the end as well ^_^

Dew's often sitting in the window looking at me when I leave or get back home and lately Salla joined him as well

And here she was in the shelter, her head looks a bit fluffy because of the collar they wear there. As you can see she does look a bit scared and impressed, but she was so brave! There are plenty of hiding spots but after checking the room out quite a bit she went to sit on a higher spot to oversee the room :)

**Update** Salla got adopted pretty quickly, together with another cat and is doing fine from what I heard! :)

This blog will be quiet for a while now, because I'm gonna move first and it's not kittenseason yet, so luckily there's not many kittens in need of a fosterhome now (and hopefully that'll stay that way of course!). Thanks for looking :)


  1. she is so precious. i hope she finds her forever home soon! she will be missed :(

  2. I really hope she finds a home soon. She is so beautiful and seems ridiculously sweet.