Sunday, June 30, 2013


If there's one thing Noomi loves, it's playing! And she plays with everything, although her furry friend Dewdew stays her favorite toy :)

Common sight :P

I gave her a piece of crumbled up paper the other day, and she loved it! She carried it around in her mouth to play with it in every part of the room :) It's lying near her backpaw here.

Another common sight, she loves that house near the top of the scratchingpole, to sleep in or to attack!

But a toy near the house will do fine too ^_^

And here's an action pic of her going for Dewey's tail, attacking his tail stays fun!

Vicious little claws ^_^

And here she was sneaking up on Dewdew, using the activityboard for "cover" :O

And lastly, raindrops! Kittens are so easily entertained :D

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  1. So cute! I follow your nail blog and just found your other blogs. This one will have to do for now :)