Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Noomi & Dewdew

In just a matter of days Dewey and Noomi really found eachother, and they often play together and he washes her at times. He can get a bit rough with both of that, but she can handle him, and also gives him enough space and plays on her own or with me as well. She already starts to react to her name, especially when she's in her room and I call for her, tiny "iew!" sounds, too cute! :D She really hates getting her ears cleaned, but it needs to be done and at those moments she has quite an attitude. But she usually quickly forgets it and gets all cuddly or playful again. She's really an adorable and oh so easy kitty! Which is extra nice now since it's the first kitten of the year and the first kitten in my new house, we had a relaxing start so far :)

Dewey outside, checking out Nom

She sometimes stands up like this against him as well, holding his neck with her little paws and attacking him like that. But it looks like she's cuddling him then, naaaw! ^_^

Bad quality on these photos, only had my phone near and they weren't lying still, because Noomi kinda didn't want to get washed, she wanted to play! Are they cute together or what :L

As you can see, Dewdew doesn't really care about what Noomi wants, lol!

Attaaaack! ^_^

Guess she had to let him win with his paws around her neck like this :O

Noomi also discovered she can climb the big scratchingpole, she's already been halfway up!

The hairs around her ears are a bit wet here, I had a new tube of earcleaner and squished it a bit too hard, oops! And she was so annoyed that she didn't want that cleaned straight away, so I let her play a bit first and cleaned her after :) Else Dewdew does it for me, not sure if that's so healthy, heh!

Noomi has been outside a bit today, it's the first time I ever let a kitten outside and it went great! :) Of course in a completely fenced up garden and with me being there though, but more about that next time! :kitten


  1. Dewey is sooo lovely! Its strange how male cats are so much more accepting of kittens than females... I rescued a 3 month old kitten who had been abandoned near where I work and had been scavenging in the supermarket yard for 4 weeks, before I found out about him. My 2 year old male puts up with a lot from him but my female makes it quite clear that she doesn't want him anywhere near her lol. xx