Tuesday, December 11, 2012

That water... it's moving?!

I usually have a drinking fountain for my cats, but recently the water pump broke down and the loose pumps weren't in stock. When they were available again I got a new one, so Salla got to experience moving water! :O

At first she sat at a distance, slightly scared of it. But it didn't take long before she went to have a closer look.

I quickly went to get a camera, because those front paws kept going up and I knew it wouldn't take long before she'd attack the water!

And there she went :)

Slapping and poking at the water stayed fun for quite some time...

And everytime she got a wet paw, she had to wash her paw and face. When her paws were dry enough, she just started over! :O

Silly face ^_^

Salla's doing fantastic at the moment! And she's really becoming a little lady, slim with long paws and a long tail. There's not much left of her chubby belly, but she still loves to eat :P Normally I lock up kittens during the night, to give my cats, the kitten(s) and me some rest, but catching her in the evening stayed an issue. I had a feeling it didn't help her adjusting a bit more, so decided to try it for a night with Salla free in the house. And it went great, she didn't bug me or the cats much during the night, and stayed away from my wiggling toes under the duvet until it was morning (and then she had a blast with it, haha). I was afraid she'd be a bit scared of me in the morning, but it's quite the opposite, it really helped her a lot to like me even more. She's near me and/or the cats most of the day, checks more often what I'm doing, enjoys watching my screen, comes when I call for her, etc. It's awesome to see ^_^ She already had someone visit her for a possible adoption, but Salla's a bit shy around strangers and unfortunately there wasn't really a click, so she's still available. I hope she gets to spend Christmas in a new home :)


  1. I love her, she's soooooooo cute. One of my cats reacted the same way to an automatic water-er I had for a bit. She'd slap at it to make it spill water, just to watch it refill. Needless to say...that didn't last long and I had to get rid of it. Bad cat kept wanting to make a mess :P

  2. it's nice to see she's doing so well. I need to get my kitty a new fountain. do you get hard water build up on yours? that was the main issue with mine. :(

  3. You mean the white, chalky stuff? I went for this fountain because the previous one had a smaller tube where the water came through which was hard to clean. The white parts of this fountain can come apart and I put them in the dishwasher about once a week. The pump itself still gets that stuff, but I use cleaning vinegar and just leave it in there for a while, then rinse it out well before using it again. Hope that helps! :)

  4. Yes, very chalky. I never thought to put it in the dishwasher! Duh! Thanks for the tip!