Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lots of random Salla pics!

Here's little miss adorable again :)

The other day I offered her an activity board, but Salla didn't get it. Bindi showed how to fish for the candy with her paws...

... but Salla kept trying to just eat them from the board, which won't work! In the end she gave up :)

She's still often on the couch, snoozing and sleeping

And she can lie close to my girls as well. She looks pretty big here, but that's mainly the angle.

The other day I looked behind me and saw Salla lieing against Bindi o_O Omg! Bindi tolerates kittens near her, but she never allowed any cat to touch her (she missed that part of her socialization too). If I count in Sue as well, Salla's the 9th kitten that tried to get closer to Bindi and this time she didn't run away or get annoyed and chase the kitten away with a hiss or some. They actually lied like this for quite some time, and I just sat there shocked, lol! It hasn't happened since, but that was a very precious moment ♥

Dewey on the other hand has little issues with getting close to Salla, here she was snoozing and he went to wash her

And here they're washing each other, aww

It snowed! And it didn't last long before I had little kittenpaws all over my windows ^_^

Dewdew was slacking next to me but Salla wanted to play :O

He was all sleepy and barely reacted to her attacking his head

His paw is just hanging there, not caring about all the things Salla was doing. They're so cute together :)

Posing near my screen. Several similar pictures, but I couldn't choose!

The other day I put a little Christmas tree next to my desk (I don't dare to go for something a lot bigger or a real one even, such things bring out Dew's inner kitten, but then in a 4.5kg cat. Recipe for disaster! :D). Salla spotted it and it didn't last long before she started to poke that weird thing!

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