Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Playing and discovering

Abby was playing but she often can't resist some cuddles in between :) But her eyes just kept getting darker and it didn't last long before she went back to slapping and throwing around the toy! :O

This one scores high on her current favorite toy list, although she's discovering balls as well last few days and loves to race around the house with them!

This was her first time in a higher basket (it's on top of a big scratching barrel), and she seemed to realize for the first time that there's a whole world garden out there! Quite interesting, but also scary :)

Another toy she enjoys a lot is this caterpillar-like thing

But she can just sit and be pretty too :) I love how her mouth area is split into 4 opposite black/red areas ^_^ The brown thing on the floor is part of a scratchingpole that came with her from the shelter, and she always ignores it, haha. Oh, and she also isn't using the cardboard one I picked up for her either! But I haven't really seen her attempt to scratch my carpet or floor anymore and she does seem to finally understand scratchingpoles more, yay! This morning she was playing with the big, high pole that I have and based on the looks of one of the poles in her room (made from carpet) she has used that a little bit as well :)


  1. I just love seeing cats/kittens play with toys... they look so cute!!
    And, as I think I said before, Abby sure is a gorgeous little lady :)

  2. That's great she enjoys playing so much - it is so good for them and us :-)