Monday, January 26, 2015

Abby ánd Mobi update!

I received an email from Mobi's owners the other day, he's doing awesome and looks like that too! ♥ The love for him really spoke through the words in their emails, and it's really heartwarming to see how one of those tiny kittens grew up to become a healthy & happy cat with a bright future ahead of him, together with his feline friends and their wonderful home. And he didn't just make friends with one of their cats, they even teamed up to get what they want (read: open closets and things alike on the hunt for noms!) :O I'm glad and thankful that I could be a part of his start in life :)

Hopefully Abby will be just as lucky, she'll get visitors tomorrow already! That only took a couple of days online before she got reactions, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed it'll be a match :) If it is, she's allowed to move straight away, so it could be a goodbye tomorrow already. I would definitely miss her, but for her sake, and for my cats, I hope she'll finds a home tomorrow. After a few days where she and Dewdew got along pretty well, chasing eachother in a fun way, playing a little (which I planned on writing about now), it unfortunately took a turn for the worse again. Abby can really be little miss attitude at times, and it seems she feels like she owns this place. Yesterday she started standing up against Dew, attacking him in a way that wasn't all playful :/ Today she kept at it, and obviously he's far from pleased with that, this isn't her house afterall, and she doesn't seem to realize that - but he does. So today I had to lock her up a few times again, so Dew could relax a bit, and I did go sit with her of course but it just feels wrong. She needs space and her own house, and that's something I can't offer her :( I know it's still a lot better than being in the shelter, but pff, I wish I could give her all that she wants. With those little ones it's easier, at times they can be a bit too much for my cats as well, but kittens sleep more too and often look up to the big ones. Abby is obviously a lot older and doesn't need that much sleep either! So I'll be sticking to the real kittens from now on, because that's much easier for Dewey and Sue.

Abby has improved loads towards me, like the other day she was sitting on the stairs and I had to step over her, lol! Before she would've ran away as soon as I got near (not in a panic or anything, like I've seen before in other kittens, but just making sure I wouldn't get near her), she had to learn everywhere in the house that I'm okay :) But she's still a brave little cat so she learned that as well, and she knows what she wants, and what not! That shows with food and the litterbox as well, I'm used to kittens that start eating my cats' food and use their litterbox as soon as their tiny legs manage to get their body in them, because ooohh it's big cats' stuff and that's way cooler! :o But Abby? She has her own food and her own litterboxes, and she sticks with them, haha. I think she'll fit fine with other cats though, but as I also said in the text that I wrote for her to go on adoption sites, it would be best with a cat that also loves to run around and play. From what I understood, the people coming tomorrow have a young female as well, so that sounded good! And Sue's reaction to Abby (and her reaction that followed) concerned me a lot at first, but right now those 2 females go much better together than Abby and Dew.

Oh! And I finally managed to get a few more pics of her, she keeps moving, haha, so I'm happy with those. I'll be showing them next time :) But first we have a playful Abby on the carpet! The colors are a bit off here and there (especially her eyes), but I often don't have time to get the settings right before she's somewhere else again or moves towards me because she wants to cuddle :D

And here's a little vid I made to go with her information on the adoption sites:

The part where she was still in the bench was after just a few hours here, and the reason I didn't take her out for better cuddles was simple; I'm not taking any risks with kittens that need (some) socialization, especially on their first day! She just looks like a huge cuddle there, but the first day or two she did hiss a little here and there, and she didn't go to a fosterhome without reason. I also knew picking her up wouldn't go well yet, she reacted a bit to touching her on some spots too, and I always give my cats some time to adapt to the newcomer(s) as well. So that's why I kept my foot against the bench door to keep it closed, to prevent her from escaping in case she'd get spooked or some. But as I told before, the whole benchthing didn't exactly last long with her :O She sure loves freedom! ♥

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