Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Running and playing, yay!

I haven't updated here as much as I'd like, but it's for a good cause, Basil is out of his bench several times a day now! And during those times I spend loads of time with him - and have to clean up afterwards, haha! He sure likes to make a mess of his cage and also of my house, toys everywhere! :e The road to this point was with a lot of ups and downs, and there were moments where I wasn't sure if he'd turn around. For a short while it seemed he wasn't interested in more contact with me, and he still isn't loving me. There are times where he still hides for me, puts his ears flat, big eyes, all of that. But growling and hissing is almost completely something from the past now! Except when he's going nuts playing, then he enjoys a little dangerous growling too :O
And besides Dewey and candy, I have a new secret weapon I can use to make him like me more, pieces of crumbled up paper! He absolutely loves those and will come steal them from my lap and from my hands! :L He's also more relaxed when I'm walking around now, the instant hiding when I stand up became a lot less, but me standing and my hands stay impressive and his first reaction to my hands is most of the times to get away from them. If I sneak up a little on him, and start petting, he often quickly gives in to it, lies flat on the ground and prr prr enjoys it for a moment. Not too long though, there are more toys to kill and more energy to burn of course! :O
So all in all, he's doing excellent, he still has plenty space for improvement (I would like him to be relaxed around me, then start increasing his space in the house, step by step while he stays relaxed, and slowly introduce more strange people to him) but he came such a long way already! And that clumsy kitten that could run like crazy but didn't jump or climb much -and if he did, he failed a little and landed badly and such- is now often in the top of the scratching pole and practicing his flying attacks, so cute to see him become a happy indoor kittycat ^_^ He also enjoys discovering everything, new rooms are scary I found out, but little things like the play tunnel quickly became much loved by him.

Not so much pics today, I have plenty but need to sort them and I'd prefer throwing toys around to be honest, haha!

Playing with a piece of paper :)

Slowly discovering the cat tent with the help of toys and Dew! Dew rushes in that thing so fast and throws it upside down while in it even, Basil enjoys attacking him from the outside then :D

Look at him being all shiny and a real little cat already! ♥

Sue doesn't love kittens at all, he wanted to play but didn't see she was sitting there, oops! >.< But as you can see, he's very relaxed in the house already, not like at the start where he instantly disappeared under the couch and didn't come out when I was in the room!

With Dewey and Basil it sometimes goes a bit less good now that he's out more, Basil can act really over the top playful to Dew and constantly attack him while Dewey isn't always in the mood for that, but even the tiniest sad meow from Basil is enough to have him stand near him straight away ♥ And he enjoys washing him as well, but when Basil then keeps attacking his head... yeah, that ain't helping! :P

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